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  The Alexandra Foundation for Neighbourhood Houses
"Working together to meet neighbourhood needs"
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Alexandra House, affectionately known as "Big Pink" because of its colour, once dominated the corner of 7th Avenue and Pine in Vancouver. It was a place filled with love and charm and the beginning of what was to become a long heritage of service to Vancouver’s neighbourhoods through Association of Neighbourhood Houses of British Columbia.

Alexandra House began as an orphanage in 1894, and later was established as British Columbia first Neighbourhood House. It was an active neighbourhood centre open to all families, with programs ranging from preschool daycare to seniors dropping in to meet friends. It was also used as a youth hostel from 1969 to 1971.

In 1975, Alexandra House was destroyed by fire. The property was sold and the money used to establish the Alexandra Foundation for Neighbourhood Houses. Today, the Association of Neighbourhood Houses of BC continues to care for Vancouver neighbourhoods by providing programs and services through its eight neighbourhood houses and camping/outdoor.

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